OFEK Engineering & Development

Founded in 2009, Ofek Engineering & Development was established out of our admiration for the development and construction sector and our inherent need to create and build uniquely innovative, high-quality apartments.

Nowadays, with hundreds of satisfied clients living in our prestigious housing projects, Ofek is the leader in construction quality in Israel and is well known for its operational stability, financial strength, and reputation for quality and service that define a new standard in Israel’s construction sector.

Our Core Values:

  • Provide premium quality apartment design and environmental development based on the highest available standards to ensure enjoyable living.
  • Execution that gives our clients peace of mind, knowing that their apartment is of exceptional quality and durability, for easier long-term maintenance.
  • Ensure that our clients will receive superior service during all construction and post-occupancy stages.

The Difference Is in the Details

At Ofek, we fulfill our client's vision of their dream home while paying close attention to all the minor details. We build according to the highest construction standards, use advanced construction methods, and work with superior materials to achieve results beyond perfection. All this and more, skillfully combined with a unique design style, creates an exceptional and exciting residential experience.

From Project Initiation to Delivery

We manage our projects from the initial stages of locating and purchasing the land through procuring building permits, constructing processes, marketing and selling, helping our clients with mortgage process, obtaining occupancy permits, handing the apartments to them, and giving them a comprehensive post-occupancy warranty.

Comprehensive project management, from the initial stage to client occupancy, enables us to offer superior quality apartments to our satisfied clients earlier than scheduled while guaranteeing peace of mind with one address for every request or question.

Our Clients - An Integral Part of Our Family

We provide our client's personalized care and service and consider them part of Ofek's extended family. This is the reason for our extensive list of satisfied clients.

Our clients will be pleased to share their experience and talk about their trusted relationship with us and how we answer all their questions and carefully consider their needs. From the initial purchase to long after receiving their apartment, at Ofek, we go the extra mile, far beyond our obligations to our clients.

Ofek – Quality Guaranteed

We deliver quality and precision on every construction project, with expert attention to minor details. The rich design specifications of our apartments, matched with exceptional quality, and high-level customer service, define a new standard in the construction field. This is Ofek – guaranteed quality on every job.